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Harness fitting to roll cage help
Trev Borg - 19/7/14 at 02:48 PM

I am getting a half cage made for my midtec spyder next week, (local grass track chassis manufacturer) want some advice on harness mounting.

The car is already registered.

I have alreadt got two pairs of harness, one with short kitcat type top straps, and one long set. Both 2"

The short set has clips on the top, the long ones have bolted plates.

So, when chatting with guy who is going to make the cage he suggested that I just didn't bother boting in the harnesses, and that should just loop them around the cage instead.

Is this ok to do?

The short harnesses that I was going to use would not be long enough to loop over, but the longer ones would.

Can I just take off the plate, loop them round the cage and fasten them back together using the plate I took off?

is there another way of fastening them?

Trev Borg - 19/7/14 at 03:06 PM

don't worry, I have no intention of using a section of vacuum cleaner hose to build the roll cage

the first pics is the current fixing, second is what it would look like around a cage tube.

Trev Borg - 19/7/14 at 03:16 PM


and these

6 Black Plastic 3 Bar Slides Buckles for 50mm Webbing

found these on fleabay!! any good ?

also can I shorten the straps, cut them to length?

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mark chandler - 19/7/14 at 05:42 PM

If it does not comply with the blue book then it's not allowed.

So check it out here

MSA regulations

Regards Mark

Trev Borg - 19/7/14 at 07:33 PM

Its not a competion car, maybe the odd track day only