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Zx9r carbs full set and spare bits of zx6r carbs for sale
greed1 - 21/2/17 at 08:18 PM

As above been stored for a little while so will probably need a strip down.
Looking for 120 posted for the zx9r carbs pictures in archive.

Zx6r spares comprise of 3 bodies and various parts from those. I can sift through it if needed for a certain part other wise beer tokens take it away.

[Edited on 22/2/17 by greed1]

greed1 - 24/2/17 at 08:03 AM

One part on its way anyone else interested?

greed1 - 27/2/17 at 12:57 PM

ONO Bump before ebay

Mash - 20/3/17 at 03:54 PM

Did you sell the carbs?

greed1 - 20/3/17 at 07:20 PM

Still got the zx9r carbs and a few bits of zx6 bits left what are you looking for?

Mash - 20/3/17 at 08:14 PM

I'll take the zx9 carbs if that's OK Mate