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FS: Racing Quadcopter 180
mikeb - 19/4/17 at 01:04 PM

Just seeing if anyone would be interested in my 180 Diatone Spadger racing quad. I've not really flown it, just enjoyed having a play building it.
It's fully built and flown twice, it needs the controller tuning but does fly fine and looks great.

I can include a basic controller (again as new) and a couple of new lipos. I've also got a Fatshark FPV set that could go with it.
If anyone is interested in a package let me know and I'll some pictures up.
It cost around 150 including, frame kit, motors, esps, distribution board, naze flight controller, receiver and controller, props.
Thinking around 100 if I throw in some batteries, FPV kit would be extra.



BenB - 19/4/17 at 09:00 PM

It'd be worth putting up some specs e.g. motors, rx type etc.... ditto which fatsharks.

mikeb - 20/4/17 at 04:55 PM

I'll get some specs up.