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Mazda rx8 gearbox 6 speed
Just18972 - 11/9/17 at 09:50 PM

For sale Mazda rx8 6 speed gearbox all working no issues
can fit loads of engines with a adapter plate and bits 100 Ono collection Swanley Kent BR8

Just18972 - 12/9/17 at 01:16 PM


Mash - 13/9/17 at 09:28 AM

If this falls through for any reason, I'd be interested :-)

Gutted I didn't spot it in time

adampage - 13/9/17 at 10:56 AM

Hey Mash

I have a box too, but want a little more for it. I have the box, the lever (I think I might have the gaiter/surround, will check), the slave cylinder, all bought from a breaker, as being from a low mileage car.

There might be a pic in my archive, if not i'll send a couple over.

Say 140? I'm in Staffordshire though, so would need to work out how to get it to you.


Mash - 13/9/17 at 03:43 PM

Hi Ad,

Yes I'm interested. Looks fine in the pictures, don't suppose you've got a prop knuckle to go with it?

Shame I didn't know about it before, as I was in Swynnerton camp at the weekend But not to worry, as I'll be back up there just before Christmas if you can wait that long

Mash - 13/9/17 at 09:24 PM

I'm really sorry Ad, but I've been offered a second chance deal on the OPs gearbox as his purchaser messed him around

As I say, sorry to back out, but it will save me a few quid, and it's a bit closer to me and easier to get.

Sure you'll sell it though, as they get snapped up on ebay quite quickly. Best of luck.


adampage - 14/9/17 at 12:24 PM

Thanks for letting me know. I need to refresh my ads as I have a few things to sell.


aardvark101 - 15/9/17 at 07:36 PM

Just one point to note if you are using these boxes, you must use a GL4 oil, not GL5 as they dont like it