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Speed Sensor and Type 9 Gearbox Adaptor For Sale
Edwardo - 15/5/18 at 04:09 PM

I bought these for a nice easy solution for Type 9/Koso dash combo, but in typical Robin Hood style there was a chassis member directly in the way which stopped me using them.

It's a Cambiare VE363408 speed sensor - exactly this one:-

And the adaptor came from Burtons - this one:-

Both have been removed from the packaging and offered up to be fitted but are still brand new and unused.

The pair cost me 41 (plus the postage from Burtons) - so looking for 30 posted (UK mainland) for them.

Will get actual pics of the items tonight.


Edwardo - 15/5/18 at 05:54 PM

mccsp - 15/5/18 at 06:56 PM

Can I have first dibs please. Just need to check I don't have any chassis parts in the way

Edwardo - 15/5/18 at 07:57 PM

Hi - Yes no probs, let me know.


Edwardo - 16/5/18 at 08:50 PM

Now Sold - Many thanks