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Wilwood powerlite calipers
dbaz293672 - 10/3/19 at 08:49 AM

I have 2 brand new in the box wilwood powelite calipers. I had these for the front but have now decided to go to the midilites as itís for a race car

£200 for the pair

I can send a pic just drop me a u2u

garybee - 10/3/19 at 06:31 PM

Hi, what fitment are the calipers please (disc size, thickness, mounting type etc.)?

dbaz293672 - 11/3/19 at 10:36 AM

HI yes the part number is 8729

link here -

otor Compatibility
Rotor Width (in) 0.86
Maximum Rotor Width (in) 0.86
Minimum Rotor Width (in) 0.79
Maximum Rotor Diameter(in) 11
Minimum Rotor Diameter(in) 9.45

Brake Pad Type 1 7912
Brake Pad Type 2 N-A
Brake Pad Type 3 N-A
Total Pad Area (in≤) 5
Total Pad Volume (in≥) 1.8

Piston 1 Bore (in) 1.38
Piston 2 Bore (in) 1.38
Piston 3 Bore (in)
Total Piston Area (in≤) 3.00
Mount Type Radial
Mount Side Universal
Mount Center(in) 5.08
Mount Hole Size(in) 0.4
Mount Height(in) 1.56
Inlet Thread Size 1/8-27 NPT

dbaz293672 - 15/3/19 at 06:46 AM