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SWB Mk 6 Jedi for sale
gixermark - 13/3/19 at 06:12 PM


i have my Jedi up for sale on piston heads/racecarsdirect.. and a couple of other forums...

full details in the ad, but also to note - there is a chance i could deliver to England (i am in N Ireland) if paid for prior........ i can also work a keen deal on an enclosed trailer if that helps to move the Jedi to a new home that will use her.... its a trailer literall made for the Jedi - U brackets pop out of the floor to quickly secure the wheels.... has a tyre rack, bench for spares/tools and jerry can holders that i had added to go to spa 3-4 years ago.. everything is enclosed dry/clean and being single axle can be managed single handed.

you'll not go quicker for less than this....... the Jedi Factory price genuine circuits spec cars to be 15-16K, mine is priced at 13.5K

Slimy38 - 13/3/19 at 07:52 PM

I have to say kudos on the first pic, not many cars can be advertised with an airborne shot!! Good luck with the sale.

gixermark - 13/3/19 at 08:06 PM

Ha... cheers. All 4 wheels too! Cadwell is some awesome

Mr Whippy - 14/3/19 at 07:22 AM

as above great picture and what a cracking car, wish I could afford it