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FS: OZ superlegerra lightweight wheels x4
kingster996 - 10/1/20 at 11:22 PM

Moving to 13” wheels so my very nice Oz Superleggera 15x7 wheels are up for grabs.

They are, as the name suggests, exceedingly light - possibly the lightest 15” cast wheels you can get outside of magnesium exotica. They come it at about 4.9kg each which - the more typical Team dynamics weigh over 6kg each so you are saving over 5kg off the “typical” car and more importantly it’s all “unsprung weight” - which is a good thing 😁

They are powder coated gloss black, et37 and usual Ford 4 x 108 pcd.

Tyres are Toyo R1R (2x 205 & 2x 195) with decent tread 4-5mm although there is more wear on front insides as I’d got the camber set up for track use last season and then did 2000 road miles and only 2 track days - muppet. I’ll probably have another spare 195 tyre with 4-5mm tread to throw in too.

I will post some pics of them after they’ve had a good wash and I’ll try and show any minor marks if I find any, but here’s a pic of them on the car

£350 collected from Newcastle

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scudderfish - 11/1/20 at 07:54 AM


CosKev3 - 11/1/20 at 08:31 AM

On WSCC forum at £350 collected.


kingster996 - 11/1/20 at 09:12 AM

Sorry must have missed the price when I copied & pasted from WSCC post :-)

Added it now as Kev says £350 with tyres collected - or you can arrange a courier at your own expense.

kingster996 - 14/1/20 at 06:36 PM

Sold subject to payment. Thanks!