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FS: rear uprights, hubs, drum-disc conversion and other items
kingster996 - 19/2/20 at 08:14 AM

Having a clearout.

Westfield Alloy Sierra SDV uprights, with Sierra bearing carriers and billet conversion plates to take disc brakes (90mm spacing, suited Golf mkIV calipers) also has drum brake hubs machined down to fit inside the usual Escort (front) 240mm discs. 200 for the lot plus post - I may split if they don't all go as a job lot.

Two lower steering columns, one to suit a Sierra upper with the triangular fitting and another to suit the more usual splined shaft. Will post pics and lengths later - 20 each + post.

Sierra push-in driveshafts. Std length (from a 2.0 petrol 1988 drum brake car). These were brought new 4 years ago and are in very good condition apart from one split boot. You can get stretchy boots to fix this for a few quid of eBay. 50 + post (pics to follow)

kingster996 - 20/2/20 at 10:05 PM

Uprights hubs etc sold, Splined column sold (Sierra one still available) - will post pics of other column and driveshafts soon.

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cosmicicecreamman - 22/2/20 at 03:34 AM

U2U regarding the drive shafts.



kingster996 - 24/2/20 at 01:44 PM

Pics of the two columns I have - the Sierra one is NOT sold, turns out someone wants the other one, so the one with the triangular Sierra fitment at one end and the rubber bush/thing at the other is still available.

It's approx 83cm end to end.

kingster996 - 24/2/20 at 01:48 PM

Driveshafts - cosmicicescreamman has first refusal on these... middle pic left hand boot has the split - you can just see it near the metal clamp