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Warning light clusters, plus other smiths gauges
cliftyhanger - 19/2/20 at 02:28 PM

I have a stag and a dolomite warning light cluster sitting here. Both labelled up as Lucas 6WL, and slightly different (Stag has separate L+R indicator tell tell, dolomite has single, both have oil, ign, high beam, brake plus low fuel, choke etc)
Anyway, if anybody wants one, they are 10 each posted. Both have the plugs with a few inches of wiring attached.

I also have smiths Temp and Fuel gauges, plus electronic rev counter (4 and 6 cylinder), speedos. All from the triumphs I have had over the years. Prices vary on condition, but 8-20 as a guide.

I can't get to post pics, but can email or whatsapp the if anybody is interested...