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Weber Twin 40 DCOE's with Zetec Manifold
ttalps2000 - 20/2/20 at 12:56 PM

Weber twin 40 DCOE carbs on Zetec manifold. I rebuilt the carbs approx 4 years ago. They were ultrasonic cleaned at the time and all new seals fitted. last year i fitted new gaskets for between the carbs and the inlet manifold with the correct rubber washers also. New bottom mounted linkage was also installed last year. All mounted on a Zetec inlet manifold. Pipercross individual sock filters.

Going over to TB's so no longer required. They were jetted correctly for a 1800 Zetec on the rollers and have always performed well.

Looking for 550 as a complete setup.

ttalps2000 - 27/2/20 at 08:12 AM

will go on ebay at the weekend if no interest here...