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AVO and Protech Shocks and Springs
motorcycle_mayhem - 4/7/20 at 11:53 AM

One pair of new AVO alloy bodied, singly adjustable 2.25" shocks.
Dimensions are on the picture, however, if the information isn't visible then essentially:
14"-10.5", 1/2" I.D. sphericals, 9" 200 lb Suplex.

Shocks: Merlin Motorsport (AWD 140/095) will expect 156 inc. each - Buy the two for 200
Springs: ca. 30 inc. each - Buy the two for 30

One pair of virtually new Protech (fitted, then removed upon project abandonment), singly adjustable 2.25" shocks.
12"-9.5", 12mm I.D. bushes, 6.5" 200 lb.

My hope would be to recover 150 for the pair of Protech shocks, 25 for the pair of springs.