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HiSpec F3 brakes complete new old stock unused and unfitted
v8kid - 17/11/20 at 01:23 PM

Brand new never fitted F3 spec HiSpec with alloy bells at the front and modified ( thinned and drilled) SLK discs at the rear c/w F3 spec pads. Very light discoloration on steel disc surface. Stored in a centrally heated garage.

These are the biggest brakes at 280mm by far that will fit under 13" split rims and allowed bu the design of the calipers

Current prices R114-4 calipers 4 @175+VAT = 840
Rear discs pair 50
Front rotors 260mmx10mm pair 300
Alloy bells cant remember think they were 50 for the pair
Ferodo FRP219H pads 244 for 2 axle sets
So that's a total of 1484

Selling at half price 742.

P&P 25 by courier
Edit insurance if required is 20 or specify your own delivery service

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v8kid - 17/11/20 at 03:04 PM

Pics on ebay

sam919 - 19/11/20 at 06:10 PM

I dont believe VAT is applicable to second hand goods unless a reciept can be given?

v8kid - 19/11/20 at 10:16 PM

Hi Sam,
Yes I believe you are quite correct. The new prices that you would have to pay from the manufacturers however are vattable. (If that's a word) and in fact I did pay vat on them.
I'm clearly not charging vat when selling on.

Not sure I get your point but I'm sure you will elucidate