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Sierra 7 in LSD incl drive shafts and hubs
td99 - 8/7/21 at 05:23 PM

As title, Sierra 7 in 3.6 LSD with drive shafts and hubs. Bought some ten years ago but never used,.
200 euro excl carriage. Location Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Jaymaxi - 8/7/21 at 05:44 PM

Hi there does it have push in or bolt on drive shafts, also any idea what carriage to Rep of Ireland would be? thanks, John

snapper - 8/7/21 at 09:03 PM

Most if not all were lobro (bolt on)

Jaymaxi - 8/7/21 at 09:36 PM

Yes thanks for that, sure I forgot seller has shafts so lobro's would be fine, I just wasn't thinking!

td99 - 9/7/21 at 05:59 AM

Yes it has bolt-on shafts. I'll look into carriage costs.

Jaymaxi - 10/7/21 at 01:53 PM

Thanks that'd be great, definiely interested in setup, but given the size and weight realise carraige could be a little awkward or maybe not! cheers, John

td99 - 27/10/21 at 05:12 PM