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Striker dash
CRAIGR - 10/1/17 at 07:19 PM

Any grp striker dash's out there gathering dust ??

bi22le - 10/1/17 at 09:03 PM

You are still on the hunt for stuff then!!

I put a post up just before new years and got nothing back.

If you just need something, like for trial or to repair and use, then you can have my current GRP.

Its not in great condition. U2U me if you are interested and we can talk further.

nick205 - 11/1/17 at 09:11 AM

I made my own dashboard using plywood covered with black vinyl. For the lower edge radius I used some round profile wood of the right radius.

Maybe not a light as GRP, but it did the job perfectly and cost me very little money (vinyl already purchased and plywood to hand)...