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Switches (savage or similar)
James24785 - 13/3/18 at 06:37 PM

Im after a few matching switches, preferably savage ones or similar. I like the engraved fronts of the savage ones. Im after fan, washers, and a start button ideally.
Anyone getting rid of any?

Or does anyone know a cheaper alternative to the savage ones? I know CBS sell some but they're a similar price

CTLeeds - 14/3/18 at 11:36 AM

I hunted around for ages looking for an alternative but failed. I ended up biting the bullet and paying the 20 each for them.


James24785 - 14/3/18 at 04:22 PM

Yeah think that's what I'll end up doing, Chris.

I'll wait until I've had a few beers tonight. My wallet will be looser