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Sierra diff bearing carrier castellated nut
deanspoors - 12/4/18 at 03:32 PM

As description, need a good condition bearing carrier for a 7" differential with all the lugs remaining.

As photo; (Just need carrier, NOT the tool)

Anyone have a one lying around or know where to source one from?


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Nickp - 13/4/18 at 05:10 AM

I may have one (or two), will try and take a look later (but might not be until after weekend).

deanspoors - 13/4/18 at 07:42 AM

Thanks Nick!

nick205 - 13/4/18 at 08:42 AM

I can't find them on their website, but Burton Power may well be able to supply such parts...

deanspoors - 16/4/18 at 11:29 AM

Burton don't have these unfortunately.

Nickp - 16/4/18 at 11:37 AM

Originally posted by deanspoors
Burton don't have these unfortunately.

Got one here for you.

deanspoors - 16/4/18 at 12:05 PM

sent you a u2u