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Team dynamics pro race 1.2 wheels wanted or swap
martinnitram - 4/9/18 at 12:33 PM

After 2 x team dynamics pro race 1.2 7J FORD fitment wheels

Need ET 36 or greater as I can space out if needed

I have a pair of ET 23 which will stand out 13mm more if this suits anyone, perhaps for rear fitment to fill out arches a bit.

In black.

Consider other wheels if right fitment

Buy or swap

martinnitram - 4/9/18 at 12:44 PM

15" Btw

Would even consider swapping the full set of ET 23
for staggered set of ET 36 front and around ET 10 HaFj& 0&q=PRO+RACE+1.2+WHEELS+BLACK&simid=607994851431614370&selectedIndex=2&ajaxhist=0

EVO575 - 16/9/18 at 05:55 PM

Hi how much for your 23s

martinnitram - 25/9/18 at 04:33 PM

Late reply, only just spotted message

All sorted now, ended up buying 2 new fronts at correct offset

Going to keep the et23s as spare wheels

EVO575 - 25/9/18 at 07:39 PM

Ok no bother.