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Flatshifter full set-up with paddles wanted
The Knobs - 14/3/19 at 09:18 PM

Looking to upgrade my R1 Striker to paddles with flatshifter system if anyone has one going spare

The Knobs - 30/3/19 at 09:30 PM

Looking at a full monty one with up and downshifts, throttle blips and paddles, like being 10 again

hobbsy - 31/3/19 at 12:58 AM

I have a spare set of very very nice paddles spare if you're interested...

jeffw - 1/4/19 at 10:09 AM

You need to decided if you want a electric system or a pneumatic one and then go from there. Paddles themselves are pretty (!) cheap now as a lot of stuff is made for the gamer market which fits/works fine, I use a set of paddles made for high end gamer setup on the Zeus.

Flatshift setup on mine

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