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Rimstock Alloy Wheel Centre cap removal socket
Leyther - 14/5/19 at 07:48 PM

I desperately need a socket to remove the centre caps on some Rimstock alloys , these are 1994 vintage wheels and the centre cap is held on by a locating stud that has three small round holes in .
To remove this stud there should be a key { like a big radiator bleed key } with three pegs that locate in the stud and allow you to turn the stud out.

Has anyone got one or know where I can get one.

Desperate Dave

theduck - 14/5/19 at 07:59 PM

Have you tried rimstock themselves? They are very helpful

Leyther - 14/5/19 at 08:01 PM

Yes I tried Rimstock , they said the wheels were too old !!

gremlin1234 - 14/5/19 at 08:58 PM

you may be able to do this with an 'adjustable pin wrench'
else weld a nut on

wonderfulweasel - 14/5/19 at 09:07 PM

Something like this?

My Westfield wheels used similar, but I no longer have the car (or key).

nick205 - 15/5/19 at 07:40 AM

Not familiar with the wheels or pin.

I bought a Peugeot 205 GTI which had similar style security wheel bolts, but no key. I ended up sacrificing the bolts and MIG welding cut down M12 bolts to them to get them undone. I then replaced all the bolts with proper Peugeot 205 GTI wheel bolts. Not a great deal of effort of cost and it got the job done. I wanted the non standard alloy wheels off the car anyway and sold them on once removed.

ETA...thought I had some photos of doing it on here, but it appears not. In any case protect the area around wherever you may weld.

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Leyther - 30/6/19 at 08:39 PM