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Paint spraying advice
Barksavon - 15/4/18 at 07:35 PM

Any paint sprayers out there...?
I'm looking at the best and most reasonably priced method of removing sufficient moisture from my compressed air to enablement me to make a decent job of painting my 1958 Austin A35. There's a one stage filter regulator, costs about £20-50 , a three stage filter regulator which provides breathing quality air , around£300, and a filter sold by Rtech welding called an AT1000 £80ish, which is designed for plasma cutters. All 3 are supposed to be suitable for painting according to the spec sheets
I'm sure the 3 stage system would do the job, does anyone know whether a one stage does a good enough job and has anyone any experience of the AT1000. One more question, could I run a breathing mask and my spraygun from a 3 stage unit, my compressor is a3hp 50 tire tank