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paint for shock absorbers
axle - 20/3/17 at 07:47 PM

Hi All

The front shock absorbers on my 7 needs be painted they do take a lot of road dirt I do like to keep them looking tidy not sure what type of paint to use as most of the required area is threaded and once it fitted on the car and tightened the paint will be scraped!

Any body had similar bother or brilliant ideas?

Slimy38 - 20/3/17 at 09:18 PM

How often are you likely to adjust them? Once they're set up, could you paint (or at least grease) the remaining exposed thread?

How about some heatshrink sleeving, again applied after it's set up? I can't remember if you can get sleeving that large though.

Hodor - 20/3/17 at 09:20 PM

Plastidip spray plastic coating - removable if/when you need to

nick205 - 21/3/17 at 08:58 AM

For clarity are your shocks alloy or steel bodied?

I ask because on my MK Indy I fitted alloy bodies shocks front and rear so had no concerns with corrosion (rust). Many steel bodied ones I've seen have some form of treatment already (galvanised?) so shouldn't fall foul of rust.

Many mountain bikers fit sleeves to the frame chain stay where the chain passes over/under. The principle being to prevent frame damage if the chain "slaps" against it. Not sure of you'd get the big enough for shocks, but they're typically velcro fastened and easy to take off and wash.

axle - 21/3/17 at 09:32 AM

Mine must be steel it is the Dambertech Type yes it looks like the galvanise coating has gone. Any way I think I will go along with one of the above suggestion .

Thanks a for your interest.