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mudgard? Fender? Arch?
number-1 - 12/8/17 at 08:29 PM

What are the mudguards called on a kit car???? I cant work out what to search for lol!!!

I need some and the brackets to hold them but cant find what im after

adithorp - 12/8/17 at 09:37 PM

Try "kit car wheel arch"

wylliezx9r - 13/8/17 at 07:11 AM

Cycle wing ?

rusty nuts - 13/8/17 at 07:32 AM

Fenders are for boats unless your the other side of the pond

chris_smith - 13/8/17 at 10:52 AM

Front cycle wings and rear arches ?

number-1 - 13/8/17 at 11:24 AM

Thanks for the answers. I think cycle wing could be the one!

Is there a go to website for cycle wings for locost cars? Im after some to fit over 185/60/R13 wheels.....and also the wing mounts for escort MK2 uprights

Cheers again chaps

slingshot2000 - 13/8/17 at 12:18 PM

I have a pair of cycle wings surplus to requirement, as I managed to obtain a pair of genuine Westfield arches from a member on here. The wings are will wrapped up as I received them. I can unwrap them and take a couple of photos, if you are interested.

number-1 - 13/8/17 at 04:21 PM

If you wouldnt mind mate. Id need width and length of them too if possible