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Anyone recognise my nose?!
russbost - 12/9/17 at 12:53 PM

I have a carbon fibre nose which I am trying to identify, from (I'm guessing) a 90's or possibly early 2000's race car, possibly Formula 3000, but could be F3, Formula Renault/BMW or just about anything else!?

I bought it with a load of Lola bits, but doesn't appear to be Lola, I think Reynard is a possibility, but can't find anything that looks an exact match, it has no.'s inside the carbon moulding, have tried Googling, but not come up with anything. The no. is IN 3047 with 5 beneath it

Does anyone have any (sensible!) ideas?

[img] Lola F3000 nose
Lola F3000 nose

[img] Lola F3000 nose inside
Lola F3000 nose inside

nick205 - 12/9/17 at 03:21 PM

Can't help with the maker, but a letter and some photos to Reynard might help you. No doubt they'd be able to identify whether it's one they made or not.

russbost - 12/9/17 at 05:11 PM

Yes, but a good chance that would simply eliminate Reynard! I was rather hoping someone with some race car experience might look at it & immediately know it was XYZ

A bit of further info, it is very chunky & heavy (for CF), as was the Lola Champ car tub I had, so it well be something off the U.S. ovals as they are built to withstand big impacts, might help to narrow it down a bit, pretty sure it's not F1!