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Dent puller suggestions
number-1 - 24/8/19 at 03:56 PM

Can anyone suggest a cheap dent puller for a few small dents on a car? Id rather not weld stuff to the i cant weld

ive seen one that is glued on and then a puller is attached.

Cheers folks

Mr Whippy - 25/8/19 at 04:27 PM

Might be worth speaking to a specialist in paintless dent removal, I had a ding in the centre of the door and it was completely removed for 80, complete bargain imo

perksy - 25/8/19 at 08:01 PM

As above its worth speaking to a pro

I use a local chap who's brilliant with PDR and he also does glue-pull which is what you are talking about
(The paint needs to be sound before using glue-pull otherwise it can go pearshaped quickly)

There's a few kits on ebay and Amazon if you fancy having a go though...