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Bailey Performance - Here to Help!
BaileyPerformance - 11/1/18 at 02:13 PM

Hi Folks,

Not posted for ages so i thought i'd say hello and remind everyone of our services.

We map almost all aftermarket ECUs on our in-house 2WD dyno, just mapping accounts for about 50% of our work, but you maybe unaware we also offer turnkey MS installs too - the whole job - supply,fit and map. (takes the headache out of any kit car build)

We are also doing more and more forced induction conversions, again we can offer turnkey Turbo / SC conversions for X-flows to Hayabusa's and most engines between. We are working on an ECOBOOST at the moment, ironing out the know issues with the engine and converting to port injection (to allow the use of the popular ECUs such as MS, OMEX, DTA, Emerald)

Worth also pointing out we get several cars a month that arrive for mapping on a trailer, some will sort of run, some have no life at all, we are happy to work with the customer to get the car running and mapped so your project does not need to drive or start.

So far this week we have mapped a Triumph Stag on Emerald fitted with a Cosworth 24v V6 twin turbo 409HP
A turbo charged MX5 1600 on Megasquirt 210HP
An Escort S2 RS Turbo 2.0L ZVH on Megasquirt 237HP

Please PM or email if we can be of help.

Cheers Dale.

jossey - 11/1/18 at 08:56 PM

Having previously been ripped off by 3 kit car companies including damaged paintwork. Charged for work not completed. Engine installs in dangerous ways. I got recommended to try these guys. Although they are a 8 hour round trip I thought I would get some engine work done.

All I can say is wow a company who are professional and offered after sales support when needed. Great work completed and they spotted and repaired other issues they found nothing to do with the work being complete. Also bought me a sandwich when there for the full day.

I would drive to these guys again. I live near Skipton North Yorkshire so not close by but hell was the best company I've dealt with who really understands kit cars.

big-vee-twin - 12/1/18 at 05:28 PM

Agree with Jossey.

Dale installed and tuned my Jenvey throttle bodies with dual fuel injection system, then tuned it, including transporting to and from his workshop.