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Injector question
robv70 - 23/1/18 at 06:57 PM

Hi all
Any ideas if you can turn injectors 180 degrees in the fuel rail? Got issues regarding the connections touching the intake manifold. If I can turn them then no issue with the wiring.
It's a rs2000 16v engine and hopefully gsxr1000 throttle bodies.
Any help appreciated

SPYDER - 23/1/18 at 09:11 PM

Hi Rob! My injectors are upside down in the rail exactly as you describe. Toyota 3SGE engine. No problems.

My trackday Phoenix Fireblade has the entire throttle body assembly upside down. No problems with that either.

robv70 - 23/1/18 at 10:11 PM

Thank you. Looks like lots of playing to be done now with the electrics!!!