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Cam and Crank Sensors
liam.mccaffrey - 13/11/17 at 02:27 PM

Just ordering my engine loom harness from emerald and they want to know whether my cam and crank sensors are inductive or digital.
In my naivety I'd always assumed these types of sensor were inductive hall effect types. How would I know if they were digital???

Its a Volvo T5 engine by the way.


Liam Mc

mark chandler - 13/11/17 at 03:44 PM

Happy to be shouted down, inductive is 2 wire, digital 3 wire because you have a reference voltage.

02GF74 - 13/11/17 at 05:47 PM

Crankshaft is Inductive.

Got a cam sensor lying around so will look at it and report back.

Not sure. 3 wires to sensor, no additional electronics. Could be Hall effective sensor.

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liam.mccaffrey - 14/11/17 at 10:15 AM

From what ive found,
3 wire is a digital hall effect sensor
2 wire is an analogue magnetic/induction

lots of different terminology knocking around for these types of sensor.

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