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Buying relay
robv70 - 23/2/18 at 11:17 PM

Hi all
After a relay but don't know anything about them!! The one i am after is HC Cargo 160282 12v 40a. Have googled it but can't find a supplier. Anyone know an alternative brand/number? It for my GBS zero and it's a fuel pump/Fan relay.
Many thanks

ian locostzx9rc2 - 24/2/18 at 08:49 AM

If you can post a picture it my help or take it down to your local motor factors and match it for you itís more than likely a std 40amp relay

gremlin1234 - 24/2/18 at 08:31 PM

heres a pic, (sorry on a french suppliers website) but it shows pin out etc.
note it has pins in the B layout

see jpg download on their page for A/B layout

daviep - 24/2/18 at 10:04 PM

You seem to have done all the ground work yourself but here's a link anyway