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St170 alternatives
Mark100 - 11/6/18 at 12:03 PM

I've had a nodiz pro and sperate vvt control on the car for a couple of years while I was rebuilding the car on the drive in the summer months now it's done I got it m.o.t and taxed just passed emissions so took it straight to rolling road forth run in ECU is now dead and I don't have the cash to splash again what's my alternatives , anything on eBay or real cheap etc I've spent nearly a grand in the last two months and have a big blue paperweight on the drive total mile so far 19.

big_wasa - 11/6/18 at 12:57 PM

What's dead the nodiz or the vvt pro. Matt is always on here and face book plugging his gear ? Ask him if he can have a look.

If it's the vvt pro. You could switch it on/ off with the nodiz. Not great but it will get you ok the road. You could lock it off. As above but better.

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Mark100 - 11/6/18 at 04:50 PM

The current thinking is the vvt popped and took the pro with it a few runns in it may be wiring fault
The lads at M.e have said input has gone they will repair (upgrade to gen 2) for £150 or upgrade to me100 unit for 500
Catherine and Criss at trigger wheels said no probs and replaced the vvt straight away even out of warranty
Now as it will all go back in the same way it came out wiring wise what is to stop it going again it's all done according to manuals as far as I can tell and is wired same as another st170 seven I know just dropped 600 quid wheels on eBay for 150

Mark100 - 11/6/18 at 04:56 PM

Just to get mobile again (took 4 mins to sell) wow
But is there a one box plug and play tried and tested second hand maybe cheaper than 500 quid route I can take to make sure for the future
The deal with the Mrs is have any toy I want as long as it's out of my overtime money and that pots empty from tyres tax insurance rolling road recovery truck look out for a post from me in for sale section I'll be clearing out all the unused and spares soon st170 engine anyone

Ugg10 - 11/6/18 at 06:45 PM

Me100 is ignition only but has the vct controller included in it but inside it is an me221 with the injection knobbled in software which ME will unlock if you go from carbs to ignition (for a few £). Note £500 is the retail price for the me100.

Mark100 - 13/6/18 at 08:33 PM

Well back up and running again I've sold a few setts of alloys on fleebay got a bit together then Dan at Danst did me a real good deal on an me100 unit 10 mins of soldering ground and positive 4 plugs and it's running bit of timeing and I'll be mobile again soon no split boxes now under warranty as well could have been a lot worse and the Mrs has got some room back in her shed. Playtime till it breaks again

Ugg10 - 13/6/18 at 08:46 PM

What are your views of the me100 on the St170 and what carbs are you running. Considering this with dhla40ís on my Puma 1.7 engine which has a similar vct system. They do not do a Puma loom so will have to edit the st170 one.

Mark100 - 14/6/18 at 11:33 AM

from what ive seen so far the me100 is a big step up
I had it in up and running in about 20 mins and I bearly change a plug most days

it has all the next step stuff built in already over the nodiz pro and vvt ( switchable to injection etc )
it is the me221 Even says it on the box it comes in

I have the cbr900 carbs and manifold kit from danst
bit of fiddleing with timeing etc and im mobile again for the weekend

if id have only had to buy 1 this would have been on the shortlist
it seem like a full equivalent to omex 600 etc

launch control and shift light next I think

Ugg10 - 14/6/18 at 02:07 PM

Many thanks, was considering the Omex 600 but that would have to run the VCT in VTEC mode (Off-On-Off), also looked at CANEMS but I think the ME100 looks good value even at £500 given the potential to upgrade to injection if I feel the need later. Looks like I will need to pull the trigger. Will also be contacting DANST for an inlet manifold for the DCOE 45's but may have a chat to him to see if he can provide a full Puma 1.7 bike carb kit.