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Koso Speed Sensor Location Pics
001Ben - 9/2/19 at 08:21 PM

I have a Koso RX2n fitted in my Luego which stops reading above 50mph.

I have fitted a new sensor but suspect that its actually moving out of position although it does appear to be quite rigid and its strange its always above 50.

The distance between the sensor and the detection bracket is about 1mm when it passes it. If i can work out how to upload a pic I will :-)

Could you all share pics of your setup so that i can have a think about where to relocate it.

SJ - 10/2/19 at 09:33 AM

Where's it reading from?

My acewell sensor is on the prop with a fairly flimsy ali bracket but never had problems, apart from magnet falling off initially.

CosKev3 - 10/2/19 at 11:16 AM

Are you running a Sierra diff?

If so I've used the bolts that hold the driveshaft to the diff as pick up points,6 bolts evenly placed.

My Koso has been spot on for four years using these

CosKev3 - 10/2/19 at 11:18 AM


001Ben - 10/2/19 at 07:38 PM

Thanks Kev.

My sensor pics up on a plate that is attached to the diff.

The bracket for the sensor is bolted onto a lower chassis rail.

CosKev3 - 10/2/19 at 09:04 PM

How many points is it picking up off?

It states in the Koso instructions the more pick up points the better, mines spot on with 6

001Ben - 10/2/19 at 10:08 PM

Its only picking up on one point. Im guessing if I need a more robust bracket and more pickup points.

CosKev3 - 10/2/19 at 11:49 PM

I can't remember the minimum Koso recommend but pretty sure it's more than one!

Smoking Frog - 11/2/19 at 10:44 AM

Under Boot
Under Boot

Sensor located top left.

CosKev3 - 11/2/19 at 12:02 PM

Saying that is it a sensor that can pick up metal bolts, or is it a old one using a magnet?

Smoking Frog - 11/2/19 at 12:36 PM


So it's got a plate added for pick up point?



Saying that is it a sensor that can pick up metal bolts, or is it a old one using a magnet?

It senses the bolts. Its a Koso RX2n sensor like the one in CosKev3 pic.