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Front wings
the_big_1 - 9/7/20 at 07:35 PM

hi guys,

When you mounted your front wings, did you have a measurement or point of reference to the rotation position on your front wings. How far they rotate back etc??

Charlie_Zetec - 10/7/20 at 08:33 AM

Have a check of the IVA manual for specifics, but there's a couple of ways that I was told - first is the 30/60 rule (30 degrees from wheel centre in front of the vehicle, 60 degree to the rear), and then the Caterham IVA checklist suggests the front edge of the arch should align vertically with the outside edge of the wheel rim (NOT the tyre) when viewed from the side.

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the_big_1 - 10/7/20 at 09:28 AM


I found it in the IVA. Its 30 degrees forward, 50 degrees rear. It must also be no less than 150mm from the centre horizontal center of the wheel. It most cover the full tyre.