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Not happy with 2gether!!!!!
owelly - 9/7/09 at 08:36 AM

I insured my Bongo Bus with 2gether. After a couple of weeks they sent me a letter stating that the underwriters had asked them to reapply for my policy. This attracted a slightly higher premium but as it was not my fault, they would not charge me. They started a new policy for me so I got a couple of weeks of free cover, which was nice.
When the new policy document came through, the no claims bonus wasn't protected. I phoned them and they told me to alter the proposal accordingly and return it. Which I did.
Yesterday I recieved a letter informing me that I owed them another 65.86 for changing the policy!!!!
I have just spoken to 2gether and they say the original policy didn't have a discount for NCB so any NCB protection wouldn't apply. Hence, when they switched to the new policy, it wouldn't have been included.
I asked them to go and listen to the original phone call recordings and they could confirm that I did ask for my NCB to be protected. They said that they have no obligation to record calls so that was not possible.
They guy I spoke to wasn't very helpful at all and insisted that I owe them money. He said he'd look into the option of cancelling my policy for me!! The other guys I've spoken to have neen excellent but arn't they all when they want your custom!!!

I look forward to your comments/advice and I'll keep you all updated!!

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tegwin - 9/7/09 at 08:39 AM

If something is to good to be true... it usually is!

I am waiting for someone to want to make a claim...... lets see how easy that process is!

owelly - 9/7/09 at 08:47 AM

This post has been up for about 10 minutes and I've already had several U2Us from folks who are unhappy with 2gether!!

fesycresy - 9/7/09 at 08:54 AM

Who is 2gether ?

I've noticed a couple of posts saying how happy they are with them, but must have missed all advertising ?

Or is it something to do with someone off the forum ?

omega0684 - 9/7/09 at 09:01 AM

i rang gary yesterday regarding insurance for my tintop, we were chatting on the phone for about half an hour, he was asking me about my DAX, what shows i'd been to etc, he was also explaining through terms that i didn't understand in my new policy quote, as im not a NCB holder (always been a named driver on the tintop) he still gave me a 50% discount and introductory bonuses, if i wanted to take my own policy,

whenever i ring them i always ask for gary, i spoke to another young lad once and he didn't have a clue. i just said put gary on the phone, which he did and everything was sorted in 2 minutes

ended up taking my policy with tesco's though (which was my previous insurer) as they gave me 3 years NCB, protected NCB,Legal cover and all the rest blah blah blah and i got them down from 400 to 317, and i got a free pressure washer! i was on the phone with them for 45 minutes though! the cheapest quote after that was 2gether @ 365, then all the other quotes were over 400.

so far i haven't had any bad service from then, so i can't say bad things in afraid

cd.thomson - 9/7/09 at 09:04 AM

the cost of insuring me on my tintop was more than the cost of the car .

I would echo Tegwins sentiments.

iiyama - 9/7/09 at 09:11 AM

Well Ive just signed up with them and they have been very helpfull. Theyve also done everthing they said they would so far.

As for Tesco's....wouldnt touch em with a bargepole! Heard so many bad things about them and its well documented............Also had a friend who was insured with the tescos and needed to claim......what a world of pain that was.

balidey - 9/7/09 at 09:28 AM

Don't ever go with ***** insurance company, they are expensive, useless, unhelpful, and didn't have a clue.
Instead, go with *****, they quoted me much cheaper, and were really helpful.

Want to know what names are under the *****?

It doesn't matter, every single insurance company is the same, so you can insert their names into either space. Everyone has good and bad stories about different ones. I have about a dozen stories of some I could tell, but I won't as its only my single experience at that time. Some of the companies I thought were great seriously disapointed me (and themselves) at renewal time.

iiyama - 9/7/09 at 09:31 AM

Would tend to agree with the above, however Tesco's name have popped up more then enough time for me to steer well clear of em!

trogdor - 9/7/09 at 10:51 AM

I have made a claim with Tesco and it went fine.

Saying that it was me who hit someone else and I had no damage to my car which was amazing considering I had a 106 at the time.

The guy I hit was really good but I don't know how easy it was for him with the repairs

Davey D - 9/7/09 at 11:46 AM

im with 2gether, and things seemed to go ok...

this thread reminds me of a couple of years ago on the SXOC forum im a member of.

An insurance company seemed apear from nowhere called MCE offering cheap prices to everyone...
Everyone recommended speaking to one individual there, i cant remember his name, but everyone else there seemed to be a bit useless, and it was always him that had to sort out problems. Needless to say lots of people were attracted to the prices... then when people needed to claim they came across all sorts of problems, and they slowly things started to get worse, where even getting a policy was problematic.

lots of things went tits up, and then we learned to stay well away

personally Adrian fluxx have caused me the most grief, and anguish

stevebubs - 9/7/09 at 01:09 PM

Originally posted by trogdor
I have made a claim with Tesco and it went fine.

Saying that it was me who hit someone else and I had no damage to my car which was amazing considering I had a 106 at the time.

The guy I hit was really good but I don't know how easy it was for him with the repairs

I've been the other side of the fence with Tescos. Had a call from them within about 2 hours of the accident. Hire car arrived on the Monday, car was collected for repair the same day. Car came back a week or 2 later repaired, cleaned and valeted.

alistairolsen - 9/7/09 at 01:19 PM

In my general experience theyre all completely useless. Buy the cheapest possible, dont rely on getting a hire car or any of the other extra poo and dont crash. If someone else crashes into you then its for you to take it up with their insurance company anyway.

aerosam - 9/7/09 at 02:08 PM

yeah personally i just go for the cheapest policy i can find and try not to crash!

clairetoo - 9/7/09 at 03:41 PM

Originally posted by aerosam
yeah personally i just go for the cheapest policy i can find and try not to crash!

Me too - all I ever need insurance for is to be able to tax whatever I am driving

nitram38 - 9/7/09 at 05:18 PM

I'm still waiting for my actual policy.
1st June I gave them my reg number after 2 months on a cover note.
Been in contact by email 3 times and phoned 3 times.
Still no policy.
I'm starting to worry about them.

t16turbotone - 9/7/09 at 05:20 PM

yeah me too....cheapest will do nicely

Dangle_kt - 9/7/09 at 05:24 PM

I don't think admin is a strong point of theres. I have had a few admin linked issues - but no real problems to speak of.

I think every company has strong and weak points, so I'm not at all concerned.

nitram38 - 11/7/09 at 04:51 PM

Finally got my policy today.............

prawnabie - 11/7/09 at 05:03 PM

Was talking to our bodyshop this week.

All these insurance companies offering coutesys cars etc are a waste of time. There are loads of companies, helphire, RASL etc who offer these servics FOC if you call them first after an accident.

Theres this thing called FNOL (First notification of loss) that exists which means that the first person or company you call after the accident has the right to manage your claim from start to finish. The benefit to these companies offering FOC services is that they choose where you car goes for repairs and get commision for it.

At the end of the day all the insurance company do is take your money and hopefully give you it back if you have a bad smash.

anything else isn't worth paying for!


owelly - 11/7/09 at 08:38 PM

2gether didn't ring me back as they said they would so I had to contact them. I got a different, more helpful (and less rude) guy who has promised to try to sort something out and phone me on Monday.

And to all the folks who aim for the cheapest quote with no intentions of claiming. It's a good strategy. Not so good if they decide to want another bundle of cash which makes them not the cheapest anymore!!

grusks2 - 12/7/09 at 09:02 PM

I also having trouble with 2gether, took my insurancce out back in april and ive still not had my insurance details/certificate, i just keep getting fobbed of with
Its in the post
It on our old system and needed updating and got missed out
Waiting for the underwriters
Looking into it and will call back but never does

I keep getting sent a cover note everytime i moan at them.

Ive spoken to gary & Barney who both just give me the runaround, both nice guys and helpful on the phone but waste my time.

Rant Over

owelly - 16/7/09 at 11:25 AM

There is no update. I'm still waiting!

iank - 16/7/09 at 11:57 AM

Apart from the letterhead Tesco and Direct Line paperwork look identical...

My wife had no problems with Tesco's when I bent her car a little.

owelly - 18/7/09 at 02:31 PM

I've phoned them several times and they are still going to phone me back......

Still waiting.

2GETHER INS - 29/7/09 at 09:07 AM

Hi all,

I am a little confused and concerned by some of the negative comments on the site.

Insurance brokers - nearly every Kit car Insurance provider is a Broker who have negotiated schemes through Insurers. For example we commonly Use KGM, Highway, Equity, Chaucer and Brit.

Claims Management - Although we are the broker the claims management is closely monitored by us, we also give our clients free legal and accident management to assist with disputed and non fault claims.

Return of paperwork - Paperwork rarely gets lost internally and we rarely have to cancel a policy due to non receipt. In many cases we have found the client returning the paperwork to the Insurer directly , the direct debit company or only part of the paperwork that we have requested. We are not saying that papers cannot get mislaid internally but truly would be a rare occurance.

Policy certification and speed of papers - Since the 1st of May we changed software systems, this change enabled us to issue full policy documents on non standard risks internally without having to wait for the papers from the Insurer. As a result all our clients will have there documentation within 48 hours of accepting the cover.

In Conclusion our customers are our business and policy quality, service and premiums are top quality.

Please guys dont get on the band wagon so to speak unless is fully rounded and you have spoken to us first. You will not, catergorically find a better all round ~Provider for you Kit than us.

Gary Haime - Proprietor - 2Gether Insurance

2GETHER INS - 29/7/09 at 09:12 AM





owelly - 6/8/09 at 08:23 PM

OK. So you've addressed the situation on this forum but why havn't you 'phoned me!!!!! For all I know, you're still waiting for my 66 and I'm waiting for you to sort things out!
I'll phone you again in the morning......