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my dax rush motor :-)
tones61 - 10/1/17 at 10:30 PM


Nickp - 10/1/17 at 10:53 PM

Nobody likes a show off

slingshot2000 - 10/1/17 at 11:56 PM

That's not showing off, I can see some un-polished bits

nick205 - 11/1/17 at 08:57 AM

Very nice

I've always like the Rush - I think it's a very nice looking car.

The Cossie engine sits rather well too

bonzoronnie - 11/1/17 at 09:21 AM

I love to start the day with a nice bit of engine bay porn

Very nice indeed.

Charlie_Zetec - 11/1/17 at 11:38 AM

Very nice! Is that a 2wd version, or a Quadra??

froggy - 11/1/17 at 08:53 PM

You might want to re think the plastic lined oil feed to the turbo sitting directly over the exhaust turbine before finding out how much heat they take before bursting the hard way