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sonic - 13/3/17 at 06:31 PM

What do we all think of the new show?, I think its a bit boring and lacking some spark. presenters are as dull as dish water

Mash - 13/3/17 at 06:48 PM

Agreed. missed last week as the wife messed up the recording. Now I've seen last night, I'm not that bothered.

UncleFista - 13/3/17 at 08:05 PM

I like it, although Chris Harris is on a yellow card for calling brake disks "rotors", twice..

Toprivetguns - 13/3/17 at 08:15 PM

Haha, agreed !

Originally posted by UncleFista
I like it, although Chris Harris is on a yellow card for calling brake disks "rotors", twice..

scootz - 13/3/17 at 08:29 PM

I've enjoyed the first 2 offerings.

Much improved!

bi22le - 13/3/17 at 08:39 PM

I think they have been very enjoyable, especially as I rewatched 2 grand tours at the weekend with my bro. It made me realise how stupid the original 3 are. The new trio actually try to win challenges and not just act like fools.

I dont really know what people want from automotive genalists that hold their own on TV. Yeah ok they dont click 100% but there have been many times in the current series where one of them has lol'd genuinely at anothres joke.

I like the passion for cars that comes across and the deep down ligitimate petrolheadness.

steve m - 13/3/17 at 09:43 PM

If its the one, ive just had to endure with the two idiots driving in the snow, then its dull. and
boring, and the plonks delivery is as interesting as watching custard skin over

its not even childrens entertainment now, just dull dull dull

gregs - 13/3/17 at 09:48 PM

Last night wasn't as good as the week before BUT imho it's a massive improvement on the last offering....

Banana - 13/3/17 at 10:12 PM

It's dreadful and the chemistry is faked.

They shouldn't have tried to imitate the original, instead maybe focused more on the actual cars.

If you want to see three blokes messing around and being fairly funny with cars, you'd watch Grand Tour. There's no market for this.

hearbear - 13/3/17 at 11:37 PM

Chris Harris has gone from a small part series 1 to annoying series 2 and it is all scripted dreadful tv I wish they had just forgot to do series 2.

nick205 - 14/3/17 at 08:42 AM

I gave it a go with series 1, but I've lost all interest in it now

The Grand Tour on the other hand I find more enjoyable - must be the presenters

Not sure I can see too much of a future for "new" Top Gear. Have the BBC taken a wrong turn?

SJ - 14/3/17 at 09:32 AM


I gave it a go with series 1, but I've lost all interest in it now

The Grand Tour on the other hand I find more enjoyable - must be the presenters

Not sure I can see too much of a future for "new" Top Gear. Have the BBC taken a wrong turn?

I'm inclined to agree

mac1ZR - 14/3/17 at 11:36 AM

To me, its 3 new faces, same old boring ----take 3 old cars, drive them in some far off land to do pointless challenges----
I record it, and then watch it in ten minutes at the most
Think its time to put it to rest, and re introduce something like 5th gear

Mr Whippy - 14/3/17 at 12:39 PM

so glad I missed it

ravingfool - 14/3/17 at 02:40 PM

I'm going to disagree with a lot of you.

If anything the 'new' BBC top gear offering is an improvement over clarkson et al who were far too boring and far too big for their boots before they left the BBC.

I've watched the Grand Tour and thought that most of it was drivel; entirely left to their own devices they were even more self indulgent and pathetic than they had been on the BBC.

At least the new top gear actually appears to be made for the viewing public rather than the egos of the presenters.

I'm not going to sit on the sofa and watch either of them all the way through, I'll continue to put them on in the background on demand when I want something to watch whilst I'm cooking or similar but if I had to choose between the two it would be top gear. I find Chris Harris and Matt Leblanc give the impression of actually being interested in the cars and other things they're driving. I think it will continue to improve with the new presenters especially if they continues to move away from the old format as it really needed a refresh years ago.

The grand tour on the other hand just kept on harping on about the BBC like a petulant child still smarting from having its arse smacked. Almost everything about the grand tour seemed to be a childish middle finger at the BBC.

zetec - 14/3/17 at 04:53 PM

It must be hard coming up with new material for both shows, most ideas are funny the first or second time around but after this many years repeating the same situations has lost its entertainment value.

Also the Topgear team seem to be lacking the quick wit of C, M and H...even if most of it was scripted they did carry it off well.

Pity they can't get some guests on the show who are more about a whole episode with the likes of Guy Martin or Russ Noble as a guest presenter?

I never thought I would say this but I prefer the American offering of Jay Leno's garage, although it would be too car focused for the general viewer on a Sunday evening.

loggyboy - 14/3/17 at 05:16 PM

Im quite please with both - with GT you get the chemistry that you can tell has grown over years. Its fun, its silly and was enjoyable. Certainly glad I didnt pay for it tho... :S
With Top Gear, this series seems an improvement, perhaps the relationships, specifically between Harris and Leblanc seems a little forced, but im sure that will settle. Much better with just the 3 anchors - but havent watched the extra show yet.
I like the idea of the old track for celebs, not sure the GT86 was a good choice tho, and the spread out style of the interview seems odd, maybe just because its different, but never seems to get in to a proper interview like it did before. Harris being a grumpy/scared instructor seems a little false too.
But i'm enjoying the segments and looking forward to the rest of series.
Still the best thing on BBC.

mcg - 14/3/17 at 05:30 PM

Not been drawn too much to the Grand Tour. The three of them are definitely funny and have good chemistry, but it feels same old, same old.

For me, season 2 of TG is better for me than season 1 and Chris Harris is the highlight. They are all definitely trying too hard, but you have to give them time to gel....although if i was to bin one of them, it would be Joe from friends. He is obviously a good actor, but they need a presenter, not an actor. Far too scripted for me. The best stuff is the ad-lib stuff when they are out and about.

Either way, i like seeing enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters. If i was them i would keep CH, bring in Sabine, and go a bit more Fifth gear for a while until they build up the chemistry.

loggyboy - 19/3/17 at 09:40 PM

loving this weeks. bond feature was superb.

furryeggs - 19/3/17 at 10:01 PM

Go back and watch the first few series of the Clarkson, Hammond, may/the other guy in first series and they were just as bad. This 2nd series is better the evans one.
As for the GT it's massively scripted (shockingly at times) and tries to gloss over it with a massive budget. I watch them both as a car fan and next weeks Chiron test should be a gooden. Harris might be a bit of a knob at times but the boy can drive, Le blancs getting better and Reids not that bad.

coyoteboy - 19/3/17 at 10:08 PM

I like it, it's pretty good considering the totally different crew.

sonic - 20/3/17 at 06:16 PM

i think they need some better guests, so far they have been as dull as dish water, I found this week a bit better but switched off during the guest slot

Banana - 20/3/17 at 07:24 PM

Who was on this week? I only caught the last 10mins.

Did i hear them say there was a Ducati on next week?

Hodor - 20/3/17 at 09:27 PM

I find TG funny, if I had to choose just one, it'd be TG for me.

In fact, I haven't even torrented GT after the first 2 episodes, so I have data to back this claim up.

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scootz - 3/4/17 at 02:04 PM

Most recent episode was great! Easily up there with anything that JC & Co made during their halcyon days!