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Mk1 cortina axle vs Escort axle
CRAIGR - 7/8/19 at 04:21 PM

Is a Mk1 cortina axle the same as a Mk1/2 escort axle n so much as halfshafts ,diff etc and can backplates,drums etc be swapped ?..

pmc_3 - 7/8/19 at 08:59 PM

I think Cortina might be wider

JAG - 8/8/19 at 09:43 AM

I agree - Cortina axle is a couple of inches wider.

chillis - 9/8/19 at 05:58 PM

I've just measured mk1 Escort casing across the flanges 48"
mk2 Cortina across the flanges 47 1/2" both without half shafts though I remember the Escort halfshafts were a little too long for the Cortina axle