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Riot Fuel tank
ch1ef - 16/8/19 at 07:54 PM

Is there any off the shelf fuel tanks for the riot that people have found? I cannot find one that fills the space well without going custom and I am trying to save the extra cost and time for that to happen! Thanks for any help

nickm - 16/8/19 at 08:13 PM

Dont know the answer for sure but i have a J15 which is the same chassis wise and have never heard of anything, i know of some buying fuel cells for the rear to get the passenger leg room back and shorten the fuel lines and one custom made in an r shape to get that same room back but im sure with that amount of inventiveness somebody would have solved that by now if there was one !

Nick M

yogibear1969 - 19/8/19 at 06:44 PM

Great comment, but not sure Riot and J15 the same chassis! Riot uses R1 engine, J15 is Rover MGF?

nickm - 20/8/19 at 06:57 PM

The first Riot was an R1 engine then it was fitted with a Zetec SE engine as well but its only the engine mounting at the rear thats different the J15 is identical to the Riot apart from the outriggers on the side to hang the bodywork on.

Nick M

yogibear1969 - 21/8/19 at 09:58 AM

Not to be Pedentic, but that would be the Riot SE, but I wasn't aware the rear ends were similar/same. Not surprising really.

ch1ef - 21/8/19 at 11:23 AM

Thanks for the replies, I have gone for a standard tank in the passenger footwell and then going to have it running to a large'ish swirlpot to add a couple of extra litres overall capacity. Should be alright for trackdays, just need to fill up every session