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Please help. Sensor?
Ian2812 - 20/4/17 at 07:37 PM

Hi all,

I am the proud new owner of a 2002 Megabusa.

There are a few jobs I need to do on it to restore it to its former glory.

One of them is major, which is engine out and gearbox repair / replace which started this week.

Whilst stripping out the engine / gearbox this morning, we came across this little 'gizmo'.

The black tube that comes off it was split and hanging off with the other end of the tube is open to atmosphere anyway and the steel 'tit' seems to be open to atmosphere as well. There are two wires that also go in to the unit.

Please could anyone shed any light on what it is / what it does?


I've tried attaching photo's to this post but they've not attached. Any advice on how to attach photo's would be greatly accepted...

Many thanks, Ian.

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Ian2812 - 20/4/17 at 08:55 PM

CosKev3 - 20/4/17 at 09:12 PM

Not a clue sorry

Only suggestion I can make is follow the wiring attached to it and see where that leads you

Ian2812 - 20/4/17 at 09:25 PM

Thanks CosKev3, I have tried to do this, however the 2 wires merge in to a thick wiring loom so unable to trace any further.

minitici - 22/4/17 at 07:55 AM

That is a Flatshifter downshift vacuum control box.

One pipe should go to the manifold and the other to the downshift blipper on the throttle spindles.

Ian2812 - 22/4/17 at 02:06 PM

Thank you MINITICI!

I've managed to find something that confirms that.
I need to see if the blooper device is still fitted to the engine when I get it back.
Maybe it's been removed at some point so the back hose has just been coiled up out the way?

Once again Thanks for your help.