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New welding cart for my TIG (Video)
tilly819 - 9/8/18 at 05:41 PM

Hi all,

I have been busy in the workshop again. I have finally got round to doing the long overdue job of making a new welding cart for my TIG set.

Hope you enjoy.


Andybarbet - 9/8/18 at 06:44 PM

Spot on.

I've finally managed to buy a house with an integral garage & it's great knowing that as I organise everything it's the last time I will need to now we aren't renting anymore :-)

perksy - 9/8/18 at 09:38 PM

Enjoy your videos, Keep up the good work

Really don't want to tell you how to suck eggs, but Please be careful using an angle grinder one handed and 'coming back towards yourself'
Seen this go wrong several times where the grinder has 'kicked' and it ain't pretty when it does

Just a thought

nick205 - 10/8/18 at 07:58 AM

Another good video and a nifty TIG cart at the end of it.

I'd like to see you start on the car itself and hope you make videos of the build - perhaps in segments as you progress with it.

For someone watching at work without the sound can I ask what the bow tie is for - does it signify something in particular?


Just read your profile and noticed you've already built a HAYNES.

Still got the car or has it been sold?

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ALLAN 14 - 10/8/18 at 09:12 AM

Good cart video top box is a good idea would point out that the rod storage is not the best as your rods will suffer from contamination
from all the nasties in the workshop from grinders and all the muck that seems to hide in the garage.
Great video again keep it up

Regards Allan

loggyboy - 10/8/18 at 11:08 AM

Another good one
A little confused by the cutting of holes in the base, only to then plug the bottom of the plastic tubes with wood!?

JonBowden - 11/8/18 at 03:29 PM

again, good video.
What paint do you use?

tilly819 - 13/8/18 at 08:12 AM

Hi all,

Andybarbet > Cheers, it is great having your own workshop space. Trying to keep the house tidy is a mission but I can just about do it in the workshop as i'm the only person who uses it. Cheers

Perksy > You are spot on. I would not normally use a grinder like that but am sometimes forced to, to be able to actually get a shot of what I am doing. Not ideal... Cheers

Nick205 > Cheers, glad you enjoyed them. The bow tie is just a bit of a gimmick to make me a little more recognisable on YouTube. The idea is that if people are talking about my channel (in my dreams perhaps) then even if they cant remember the channel name they might be able to just say "you know that guy who makes stuff and wears a bow tie" that's the idea anyway. Cheers

Allan 14 > You are absolutely right. My plan is to make some tops for the tubes using straight pipe joiners and another length of pipe. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers

Loggyboy > The tubes had to be plugged because the bottoms of the tubes overhang the inside edges of the frame rails. You can just see what I mean if you pause the video at 6:23. Cheers

JonBowden > The paint is just smooth blue Hammerite and the wood stain is Wickes fast drying light oak. They both take two coats. Cheers

Hope this answers your questions. Thank you for watching and i'm glad you all enjoyed it.