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Fisher fury
Jordan - 15/5/19 at 07:53 PM

So I've recently bought a Fisher fury with a fire blade engine 90% complete. I'm looking to put it through an iva test next year fingers crossed.

Jobs to be completed for Iva test
• stamp chassis number & fit chassis plate
•electric reverse
• clip throttle & clutch cable ✔
• renew dashboard (switches as well)
• fit mirrors
• nut&bolt covers
• track rod end covers
•Handbrake light switch✔
•low brake fluid switch✔

Other jobs:
Service engine
Longer wheel studs
Re pipe coolant to radiator
Make windscreen
Fit seats & harnesses

Here's some photos of the car, if anyone else can think of anything that needs doing for the iva test feel free to comment, I will be having a good read through the guidelines. Hoping to take it on track this summer😜

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scudderfish - 16/5/19 at 05:27 AM

The switch on the handbrake is only a way to test that the low brake fluid warning light is working. I've just got a push button on the dash for mine.

scudderfish - 16/5/19 at 05:28 AM

Good luck with the car BTW, and welcome to Fury ownership

Jordan - 16/5/19 at 06:13 AM

Thanks, I might buy a new brake fluid cap with the switch built in and wire it to a switch on the dash, my handbrake switch is the ones with the spring.

How do I upload photos on this build?

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HowardB - 16/5/19 at 07:33 AM

welcome to the joys of the Fury!
A spectacular car.

I am sure that Adithorpe on here won't mind me noting that he is a mine of useful information.

Jordan - 7/7/19 at 07:57 AM

Been busy with the fury, recently fitted An oil cooler, longer oversized wheel studs front & rear and a new dashboard with a digital speedo a few other bits and pieces and I'll be looking to do a track day!

Jordan - 7/7/19 at 08:05 AM