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Striker Gearbox
pekwah1 - 11/1/17 at 11:55 AM

Hi all,

It is getting to the point where i'm thinking about changing my gearbox due to problems.
I know the Striker tunnel is not the biggest, so i was thinking about whether there are any other options other than the type 9.

Obvious contenders, but question is whether it's possible to get one in without having to do anything to the chassis.
In other words, can material be removed from the gearbox itself?



alfas - 11/1/17 at 12:18 PM

what engine is fitted in your car?

pekwah1 - 11/1/17 at 12:39 PM

Sorry good point, currently a 2.0 blacktop zetec

alfas - 11/1/17 at 12:47 PM

the bolt-pattern of the zetec matches with T9 and MT75...with all others you need to fabricate adaptors or buy adaptor bellhousings.

MT75 is too wide from its basic design. so t9 is your choice!!

and you have the choice in fitting a standarx t9, caterham 6-speed with t9 design, sequential box in t9 design.....

pekwah1 - 11/1/17 at 12:52 PM

ok thanks, guess type 9 it is then, lucky they're so cheap nowadays in any form!

lsdweb - 11/1/17 at 01:33 PM

RX8 won't fit without massive chassis mods!

SPYDER - 11/1/17 at 02:05 PM

RX8 v Type9 size comparison...

pekwah1 - 11/1/17 at 05:27 PM

Thanks for this, very much now resigned to living with the type 9

steve m - 11/1/17 at 06:19 PM

Whats wrong with your t9 Andy ? I thought they were supposed to be a good box ?

loggyboy - 11/1/17 at 06:27 PM

When i discussed my options with Mel many years ago, he mentioned a 'cosworth' chassis that they could do, if I wanted to use an MT75, but this ate into cockpit space. So must have been a fairy heavy modification.
If you want a better type 9 you could always spend an arm and a leg on a Quiafe version.

pekwah1 - 11/1/17 at 07:27 PM

the problem with mine is that the neutral position is messed up, it returns back to middle from gear ok, but when moved left or right, doesn't return probably, and natural position seems to be between 1st and 2nd, not 3rd and 4th...
more annoyance than anything, still usable, but don't want it staying like this.

It's expensive to get a rebuild and repair, so just exploring options...

Ugg10 - 11/1/17 at 07:57 PM

it looks like the type 9 is pretty much your only option without chassis mods. Note rx8 has a worse 1st gear than type 9 4 cylinder but if you use 2-6th it becomes a 250hp capable helical close ratio box (freddy686868 supplies an adaptor for them on eBay/turbosport).

Of the type 9 I guess your options are, in budget order

A) pull out your box, have a look and hopefully it is just a spring that has come detached or someone has left out the selector saddle (not uncommon).
B) buy another second hand unit, stick it in and cross your fingers
C) get your box (assuming it is a stock 4 cylinder one) inspected and rebuilt
D) get your box inspected and rebuilt with long 1st
E) get your box rebuilt with long first and heavy duty upgrade
F) buy new/refurbished any of c) to e) from bgh, spc, 1st motion (spc duratec spec semi helical gets good reviews)
G) go quaife/tranx straight cut
H) go caterham 6 speed close ratio (similar case to type 9), may be similar to e) if you can find one seconded hand, note ratios are between 2.2:1 for 1st and 1:1 for 6th so very close ratio and top may need longer diff.
I) go quaife/elite sequential

steve m - 11/1/17 at 08:06 PM

Is the box in the car? as if not we can find the cause, and as Ugg10 says, its probably a very simple thing

ive rebuilt a few type 2 boxes over the years, (very simple design) so a t9 isn't beyond our skills, just a new gasket set is required

Ford Capri Type 9 Gearbox Gasket and Oil Seal Set

I also put molyslip in there after a rebuild, and so far all has been good .......................

JimSpencer - 11/1/17 at 11:17 PM


I'd certainly get an uprated heavy duty saddle (Burton I think..) and a Quaife gear lever - these two bits are IMHO the best modification you can make to a Type 9 box - makes a HUGE difference to the change.
These may fix your problem totally, but even if they don't and you end up delving deeper into the box you'll want them anyway

The Knobs - 12/1/17 at 12:28 AM

Three letters, BGH

pekwah1 - 12/1/17 at 09:13 AM

thanks guys,
needless to say in accordance with this site, i don't have much in the way of a budget for a gearbox....

I have already tried a new saddle (old one was in v.good condition) and that made no difference.
Steve - had considered a strip down, haven't done a gearbox before and actually have been warned away from it as apparently they're a bit of a ballache, but could be an option. It is back in the car again, but obviously could be removed....

Well maybe i'll just carry on with getting the bloody thing running first and see what the box is like once moving...

loggyboy - 12/1/17 at 09:44 AM

The Locost way would just be buy another used gearbox and sell yours with known faults. Should be 100 outlay?

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