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IVA Fees
pekwah1 - 20/4/17 at 04:00 PM

Hi Guys,

Not that this changes anything particularly, but i was just reading on VOSA's website and noticed the following:

Basic and normal IVA
There are 2 levels of IVA inspection: basic and normal.

Basic IVA

Basic IVA involves a visual inspection and other tests to make sure the vehicle meets the necessary standards. You wonít normally need to provide any documentary evidence.

You can apply if you have a passenger car or light goods vehicle in one of these categories:

left-hand drive vehicles
personal imports
amateur built vehicles (kit cars)
rebuilt vehicles
very low volume production vehicles
motor caravans
armoured passenger vehicles
a vehicle manufactured using parts of a registered vehicle
Read the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA ) guide on the IVA scheme for more on these categories.

Normal IVA

Youíll have to apply for normal IVA if you donít meet the criteria for basic IVA.
This involves a more detailed inspection. Vehicles have to meet extra standards and youíll have to provide documentary evidence.

So that's saying the "basic" IVA applies to most vehicles, otherwise you have to do a more intense, more involved test with extra requirements, which happens to somehow be less than half the price.....!??!?!?

Basic (classes A, C, S) £450
Basic (classes L, M, N, P) £199
Normal £199

Isn't it nice when the pricing is transparent so you can see you're paying through the nose just because it's more commonly needed....!

sdh2903 - 20/4/17 at 04:27 PM

I was up for iva last week. All over in just 2 hours. 225 quid an hour. Not bad work if you can get it

SteveWalker - 20/4/17 at 10:47 PM

Funny isn't it. When I put my car through SVA it was £250 iirc. It took between 4 and 5 hours. I considered the cost reasonable, as it was around 6 times the length of a typical MOT. As IVA was brought in, the price immediately doubled!