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How to contact Procomp
ArAKern - 12/2/18 at 07:09 PM


Been trying to get hold of Procomp for the last 2 weeks do they have a winter shutdown or just super busy?
Have been calling the number on their website couple of times a day just goes to answer phone left multiple messages
tried Matt on U2U but nothing so far.

Is there any other numbers i can try?

I assume they are still trading


loggyboy - 12/2/18 at 07:44 PM

Hes playing catch up by looks of it

Facebook post from 1st Feb
Hi all. Having been away from work for past 3 weeks with illness im now back in workshop and slowly easing back into normal working hrs.

I currently have 120+ msgs so slowly working through them.
As it stands at moment all work has been cancelled and no bookings are being taken for next 6-7 weeks to allow me time to catch up with backlog and previous bookings.

Damper sales and dyno testing are continuing as normal although there is a small backlog i need clear first.

Thankyou for your patients and understanding.
Cheers Matt

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Jon Ison - 12/2/18 at 08:16 PM

Matt as been extremely poorly of late.