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Parts posting - alternatives to Royal Mail
jps - 15/3/19 at 09:23 AM

I need to post some car parts - in the past I've always gone down to the post office - but i'm assuming there are cheaper alternatives? Any recommendations? It's nothing massive- probably small shoebox size at best once wrapped up - but weighs a couple of kilos.

Myke 2463 - 15/3/19 at 09:37 AM gives lots of choices

nick205 - 15/3/19 at 10:29 AM

Do you use a regular courier where you work?

That might give you a relatively low cost option with the benefit of parcel tracking.

designer - 15/3/19 at 12:30 PM

Alway use (UK & Worldwide) and NEVER been let down.

ReMan - 15/3/19 at 01:27 PM

Royal mail up to1kg anything over then use any other and pay for tracking if not included.
Personally I've not yet even had a problem with Hermes

Kdempsie - 15/3/19 at 08:32 PM

I often the use senditnow website, this is Royal Mail / Parcel force but much cheaper.

Easy access to drop of because there are so many office.

Always had good service.