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Garage extension costs, any builders in the house?
locoboy - 16/2/17 at 09:03 PM

Current topics suggest this section should be re named - House questions!

I have a single garage with a pitched roof, the garage door is on the low wall so not on the gable end,
Im planning to have an extension essentially adding another 4m onto the length out the front of the garage.
So remove garage door build the 2 side walls out 4m put the garage door back in.
New roof will be at 90 degrees to the existing one so will be tied in accordingly.
Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of what you would expect to be paying for this kind of building work.
Maybe I'm being naive but it seems fairly simple to me, and having never had work done before i'm not sure whether it's going to be 5K or 25K!

Current ground is block paving, so needs removing and prepping accordingly.

It is single brick, the walls will be 4m long x 2m high
Floor is 11m sq
No drainage work
No electrical work
No heating or insulation
i don't need the garage door supplying or fitting


billy - 16/2/17 at 09:22 PM

Think you might need some better plans for your build :-)

locoboy - 16/2/17 at 09:23 PM

Haha, I was waiting for that!
And no it's not a glass extension either!

Mash - 16/2/17 at 10:16 PM

Is the existing brickwork or blockwork? Roof tiles?

Can you do any of it yourself, the roof for example?

If it's blockwork, materials wouldn't be more than a grand.

I've just knocked up a side extension to our cottage, 10m by 2m, 2 storey, blockwork, pitched roof of slates, 4 windows and a new door.

6K for materials not including plastering.

nick205 - 17/2/17 at 09:24 AM

Having looked at similar extensions to houses and garages the existing roof will need modifying to accept the new roof. I'd imagine you'll also need the joint gullies lead lined to achieve the join and drain any rainwater away. Not difficult work for an experienced builder/roofer, but something to bear in mind with costs. I'd start by getting 2-3 local builders to quote for the job (they may well expect more detailed drawings though).