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Free image hosting site recommend me one?
Mr Whippy - 15/11/18 at 12:59 PM


I'm wondering if someone can recommend me a free reliable image hosting site what I can link to for another forum?

hmm that's it really... thanks in advance

loggyboy - 15/11/18 at 01:38 PM

I use
It should really have a website attached to it but just a holding page works.

killerferret666 - 15/11/18 at 03:10 PM

ive used imgur for years

whats good is it can give you various image size links as well, so original, huge, large, medium etc...

02GF74 - 15/11/18 at 03:14 PM

I'm using cubeupload as discussed on here a couple of months ago.

FamilyGuy - 15/11/18 at 04:58 PM

After photobucket's earlier stunt it seems to be business as usual again and that who I use.

miskit - 15/11/18 at 05:08 PM
once you have the link for the pic if you add s,m,l to the end of the file name you can display in different sizes.

Mr Whippy - 16/11/18 at 12:54 PM

Great thanks guys, yeah photobucket's stunt or attitude rules them right out

Good suggestions


Ugg10 - 16/11/18 at 01:19 PM

Woukd have suggested Flickr but as of 8th Nov free account is limited to 1000 photos. I now have to decide to stump up the fee or remove my 36k photos and find another home! Nice one Smugmug!

J666AYP - 20/11/18 at 10:50 PM

I'm getting the hump with photobucket too. Also cant get imgur or anything else to work.