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Midi V6 engine with transaxle
Trev Borg - 12/2/18 at 06:46 PM

Recovering an old topic, but have been think a bit more about what to throw in the back of the spare Midtec.

I currently has an old PRV V6 and Un1 transaxle.

I would like a V6 with 200+ bhp

I really like the V6 engine from the 406 coupe as it has been bulletproof in Owelly's car and could try to mate it to the UN1 box, but thougt there may be some easy cheap solutions too.

Some Vag V6's have a transaxle, but the seem les powerful and more expensive.

But the UN1 box must be worth something so could offset the cost.

Which combo would be reasonably cheap, light enough for the mid not to become a barge, common enough to get hold off.

Its for track day fun only, so can alter the chassis to fit something wide if needed.

Also are the Audi engines difficult to transplant? clocks and thing needed?

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big_wasa - 12/2/18 at 07:09 PM

If you can mount it transverse as it comes from the donor ?

St220 3.0L v6 could be done very cheap on the Oem ecu. Settle for around 170bhp and the 2.5 v6 are really cheap.

Trev Borg - 12/2/18 at 07:15 PM

Needs to be full midi wuth transaxle.

Price wise, a 406 engine is £250, or about £350 with ecu and other bits.

audi v6 from about £400 with a transaxle complete, with ecu and maybe clocks and shafts £600

ettore bugatti - 12/2/18 at 08:11 PM

Is a flat six with a transaxle not idea?

Porsche Boxster engine might be a bit expensive

But a Subaru Legacy might be a bit cheaper

Nickp - 13/2/18 at 07:43 AM

Sell the UN1, they seem to go for strong money, and get a full Audi setup. Maybe even a full car?

Trev Borg - 13/2/18 at 09:51 AM

Originally posted by Nickp
Sell the UN1, they seem to go for strong money, and get a full Audi setup. Maybe even a full car?

That was where my thoughts were going

froggy - 13/2/18 at 07:29 PM

With a full donor car you can pare the wiring back and know itíll run before pulling the lump out , I did that with the Volvo 850 before I put it in the camper , pared it down to 2 relays

Trev Borg - 13/2/18 at 07:48 PM

Watch list on facebook, ebay, gumtree, now full of A6's and A8's

Manuals are a bit rare but I not in a hurry so just wait and see what turns up.

copied this from a locost post back in 2007

Audi V8 as found on net (don't know whether it is 3.6l or 4.2l engine, I do believe that they share the same block though...)

1. 20-1/2" = 521mm the length " from the pullies to the transmission matting surface
2. 29" = 736mm width top
3. 19" = 483mm width bottom
4. 11-3/4" = 298mm from the front to the engine mounts

just measured the midtec and now looking for a big shoe horn