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Weber 45's 5 progression holes - zetec
sooty - 11/5/18 at 10:38 PM

Has anyone any dimensions and sizes of the 5 progression holes needed for 2.0 Zetecs on twin 45 dcoe's.

Mine are 3 hole and despite dyno tuning, its not perfect.


prawnabie - 12/5/18 at 08:04 AM

I've never seem them in the same place on two castings, even 2 on the same engine. when I had mine done they marked the position of the butterfly when the holdback was occurring, stripped the casting and drilled the holes accordingly.

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perksy - 12/5/18 at 03:10 PM

Iirc Webcon had a jig for doing these, but I can't remember what they charged
Might also be worth trying Northampton Motorsport

It does make a difference though and the 5 hole version drives nicer than the standard 3 hole version
Some folks have tried 'masking' the issue with bigger idle jets

BlueIan - 21/5/18 at 12:48 PM


I have twin 45's on a 1.8 Zetec, had same issue, managed to blag a drawing from Webcon for the 4th/5th progression hols location and sizes, I am on DCOE152's. Cannot sort out this sites photo uploads, but if you let me know an email address ill send the sheet to you. I spoke to Webcon last year and they don't drill them anymore, just offer a discount on a new set !!!

Thanks Ian

GNumber - 11/7/18 at 01:43 PM

I too am struggling with 45's having been advised that the 1.8L should be on 40's not 45's? Not the best help from Webcon when its been on 45's since built in 2000 and other seem to get them running well. My issue is backfires when trying to start more than the actual fast running but I do only have 3 prog holes not 5. Mines been set up wrong according to another expert???

ttalps2000 - 12/7/18 at 06:58 AM

sounds like its running weak!

I run 40's on my 1800 zetec, but i do run the cold start choke system. Starts every time without fail and no popping back. After about 2 mins of driving the choke is taken off and is fine as it has some temp in it.