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Exhaust Clamps
ttalps2000 - 9/7/18 at 10:53 AM

Can anyone recommend some decent exhaust clamps?

At present i have some stainless steel band type clamps. However, no matter how tight i can get them done up, they let go and the silencer rotates!

HowardB - 9/7/18 at 12:22 PM

In the past I have used two of the channel shaped, bolts and split type locking nuts,... never come loose,...

djtom - 9/7/18 at 10:18 PM

Have a look for mikalor stainless clamps. There’s a guy on eBay that sells every size under the sun. They seem to work well for me.

ttalps2000 - 10/7/18 at 07:44 AM

Mine are similar to the Mikalor clamps. Think i will use some U bolts and do it that way and wringe its neck!