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Duratec engine builder - any recommendations
cosmicicecreamman - 11/10/18 at 10:11 AM

Good morning all,

Can anyone recommend a Duratec engine builder that they have used? Thinking about getting one built over the winter and would rather have someone recommended rather than just a google search. Engine would be used for track and competition use.

I'm up in Scotland but can easily get engine posted.

Many thanks


nick205 - 11/10/18 at 10:48 AM

Can't recommend, but...

Are you starting with a new engine or one that has been used already?

If it's been used already you'll probably need someone who can recondition parts to suit the build specification.

femster87 - 11/10/18 at 12:05 PM

Looking at labour costs you might be better off buying a new engine with the right spec from raceline

starterman - 11/10/18 at 06:58 PM

Give Mark Shillabeer at SRD a lookup.

Well recommended.

matt5964 - 11/10/18 at 09:04 PM

I had my Zeneca done by Dunnell work was faultless exactly as requested and ended up with a really strong trouble free engine that xceeded expectation and a joy to drive on road anú track

ttalps2000 - 12/10/18 at 10:23 AM

second vote on Dunnell

jossey - 13/10/18 at 02:52 AM

Bailey performance